Saturday, March 15, 2014

Why Become a Thrive Life Consultant if I don't want to work the business now?

Why would I want to become a Thrive Life Consultant, 
if I'm not interested in building the business now?  

Good Question!   

I personally was a Thrive Consultant for almost 2 years before I decided to start working it as a business.

Let me give you a few reasons to consider:

1.  You can just eat your kit!  Each of the 3 kits contain a lot of Thrive product at a super bargain price that you can just eat yourself.  Click here to see what food is in each kit.  I've done the math and if you were to buy each food item/product separately at the retail price:

  • $199 Consultant Starter Kit contains $133.77 (Retail) in Thrive Food.
  • $289 Value Starter Kit contains $500.45 (Retail) in Thrive Food
  • $579 Deluxe Start Kit contains $1,120.44 (Retail) in Thrive Product.  The same Thrive Food as in the Value Starter Kit along with 1 Harvest 72 Food Rotation Shelf AND 2-person Survival Pack
2.  Be the Hero with your Family & Friends.  Simply distribute the business literature that comes in your kit to family & friends who might be interested in buying Thrive.  When they decide to order, YOU can place the order for them and save them money.  AND you'll earn some extra spending money and some free stuff too!  How neat is that!

3.  You get the Q-Club automatically and it's FREE - no minimum $100 Q!  That saves you $79.99 and a yearly renewal fee right there.

4.  Get paid for doing YOUR shopping!  As a consultant, you earn free & 1/2 off products all the time!  Plus you get paid too!  So shop for gifts using Thrive and get paid for doing your Christmas/Birthday Shopping!

5.  No monthly sales minimums to pressure you.  As long as you have an active $50 Q or greater, you'll be considered an "active" consultant. It's the only requirement.

6.  Free food for your household!  Besides the host benefits you can earn, if you want a larger Q and more Thrive coming into your home each month, simply set up your spouse or other household member up on the Q and the commission you earn will help pay for it!

7.  Peace of Mind. If you are looking to be more self-reliant by building your home store and by extension your home storage, you will be on the fast track to accomplishing this by being a consultant and using all our consultant benefits.

I have personally experienced all these benefits and am very grateful that someone share this with me.  I would love to share them with you!  I'd be happy to answer any questions you have about this great opportunity!  Check out this previous post with a great introduction video


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