Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Thrive Superhero's Magic Power Dust

Thrive Superhero's Magic Power Dust Can

Need a fun way to get more veggie nutrition into your kids?  Try this Thrive Superhero's Magic Power Dust.  It is loaded with nutrition from Thrive FD Vegetables and can be sprinkled on eggs, pizza, tacos, mac cheese, salads or mixed into sauces, soups, or stews.  The sky is the limit on how you can use this.

I found a cute picture of some of my nieces and nephews from a family reunion that I used to make my Superhero label.
Here's the recipe:

Thrive Superhero's Magic Power Dust

1/4 cup Thrive FD Spinach
1/4 cup Thrive FD Broccoli
1/4 cup Thrive FD Red Peppers
1/4 cup Thrive FD Tomato Dices
1/4 cup Thrive FD Peas
1/2 cup Thrive FD Butternut Squash
1/2 cup Thrive FD Corn
1/2 cup Thrive FD Cauliflower
1/2 cup Thrive FD Mushrooms
1/2 cup Thrive FD Cheddar Cheese (optional)
3 T. Thrive Salad Blend Seasoning
3 Empty Thrive Seasoning Cans or other Shaker Container

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Blend all the veggies and cheese until powdered in a food processor.  Add the Thrive Salad Blend Seasoning and hand whisk in.  Divide between 3 empty Thrive Seasoning Cans or other shaker container. This filled each of my 3 Thrive Seasoning Cans about 2/3 full.

Note:  You can use any combination of Thrive FD Veggies to make this.  Dehydrated Veggies did not become a powder in my food processor so I didn't use any of those.

Click to download the recipe for my Thrive Superhero's Magic Power Dust

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