Thursday, July 1, 2010

What is Simply Healed?

I am developing the content for my Simply Healed website and will be posting it here on my blog. I welcome questions or comments that will help me fine tune the information before I go live.

Simply Healed is a gentle and non-invasive way to release troubled energies that can get stuck in your energy systems. These energy systems make up the subtle energies that operate in tandem with the denser energies of the human body. Our bodies were created to heal themselves - not just physically but emotionally and spiritually as well. But we live in a world that systematically interferes with this process.

We have also inherited our ancestor's emotional DNA along with their physical DNA, which can cause us to "deal with stuff" that isn't even ours. The good news is that Simply Healed can help you release those generational issues. Carolyn Cooper, founder & teacher of Simply Healed describes this powerful process:

"When you release a generational issue, it clears backward through the lineage to the original ancestor; sideways to siblings and cousins; and forward to your children, grandchildren and future posterity. We are literally pulling that flawed thread out of the tapestry of the entire family tree."

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Found My Best Childhood Friend

Well Facebook has come through in a big way. I found my best childhood friend that I haven't seen for over 40 years on Tuesday - Zohar Eviatar. Her family moved to Israel and we lost track of each other. It has been great to email each other and get caught up. She still lives in Israel. Don & I have been talking about making a trip to Israel recently - I've wanted to do that for years - and now I have another reason to visit Israel. I've also been able to connect with her younger sister who is living in Canada. I've thought about their family a lot over the years and now we can get reacquainted - another blessing of the internet.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kay's Kaleidoscope - Just the Beginning . . .

I love the diversity of color in a kaleidoscope - constantly changing - never the same twice - always beautiful - just like people & life if we choose to view them that way.

There are a lot of things in my life that I love and want to share on my blog.

Since I've worked in the LDS Book Industry for over 18 years, I love books - so when I find ones I like, I'll share.

I love to cook and my husband redid my kitchen last year - here's a picture during the redo - it's more fun to cook - so when I try new recipes that I like, I'll share.

I love to teach. I currently teach the Gospel Doctrine Sunday School Class at church. This year we are studying the Old Testament - so as I discover, I'll share.

I love the Temple & studying the scriptures - so when I get new insights that are appropriate to share or discover fun ways to get into the scriptures, I'll share.

I love doing Genealogy. My Grandma Johnson got me started with my first Book of Remembrance when she came to visit after my sister, Judi, was born. I was 10. I love searching for relatives - especially in the graveyards :O) - so as I discover new tips or fun stories, I'll share.

"... but if ye are prepared, ye shall not fear." Doctrine & Covenants (D&C) 38:30. As I work on getting myself & my family better prepared and find useful ideas, I'll share.

I love my husband, Don. We've been married for almost 32 years. He is the best Heating & Air Conditioning Mechanic in the world - you may say I'm biased and you're right! But he is always trying to help his clients save money and do things themselves - so sometimes I may get him to share.

Family is everything and mine loves to be together. My parents built a house "Hares at Last" on the Outer Banks in Corolla, NC and we love going there. So as we do fun things that strengthen relationships and build memories, I'll share.

There will always be more because life is always changing - meeting new people - bringing new experiences - discovering new things to love. Join me on my "Kaleidoscope" journey.