Friday, June 29, 2012

Know Anyone that Loves Raspberries?


This is the season that we start looking forward to wonderful raspberries that are just the right mixture between tart and sweet. .

THRIVE Freeze Dried (FD) Raspberries represent the best that this tart, delectable fruit has to offer. Rather than waiting all year for raspberries to finally be in season, you can have them on-hand any time a craving strikes. Add them to your hot cereal, sack lunches, or yogurt. The re-hydrated berries will also be perfect in cakes and pastries. Since they're GMO-free and an excellent source of manganese and vitamin C, you can snack on THRIVE FD Raspberries straight from the can!
Contents: RASPBERRIES (who'da thought?)
Shelf Life: 25+ years

#10 Can - 48 Servings

In addition to being delicious and a rich source of vitamin C, red raspberries rank near the top of all fruits for antioxidant strength. That means that they contain significant amounts of antioxidants which are linked to potential health protection against some common diseases.

What if you don't have a yard bordered in raspberry bushes?
What if you don't have enough for everyone to get their fill?
Or to preserve for the months ahead?
What if you have to buy them from a farmer's market or the grocery store?
Have you SEEN what they cost?
Who can afford to?

Take advantage of the great price THRIVE has
on Freeze Dried Raspberries

#10 Cans - 48 Servings      Reg. $33.29      ON SALE - $26.69  25 YR (18 Mo. Opened)
Pantry Can - 14 Servings   Reg. $13.29      ON SALE - $10.69  25 YR (18 Mo. Opened)
Pouch - 7 Servings            Reg.  $8.99       ON SALE -  $7.19    5 YR (18 Mo. Opened)
#10 Case of 6                   Reg. $189.79     ON SALE - $152.09
Pantry Can Case of 10      Reg. $128.99     ON SALE - $103.69

U.S. Shipping Cost
$0 - $70                   $6.99
$70.01 - $130           $9.99
$130.01 - $190         $12.99
$190.01 - $399.99     $19.99
$400+                     5% of sale price before tax

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